Charlie's K-9 Camp - Dog's home away from home...

       Over 40 years experience training dogs

       Background in training for all breeds and temperaments

       Training program developed to meet the needs of each dog  
       Desirable behaviors reinforced; undesirable behaviors modified

       Boarding:  Daily or Weekly rates for all sizes and breeds

       Member of Vietnam Dog Handlers Association

       Gift Certificates available

The goal of Charlie's K-9 Camp is to provide general manners and basic obedience training for your dog.  Socialization and exercise is an important aspect of the training program.  Your pet will be introduced to other pets and exercised in a variety of locations.  They will learn how to greet other dogs, be a good citizen to cyclist, joggers and yes even introduced to sharing trails with avid horse back riders.  We feel it is important to provide a well rounded training program.

In addition to basic obedience training we will board your dog(s) for you while you are away.  We offer daily or weekly rates.  While your dog is with us they are considered part of our family. They will be fed, exercised and played with just like our own dogs - Sniper and Rommel.  

Located in Clemmons, NC (west of Winston-Salem); easy access to 421N and I-40

Sniper as a pup
Rommel - in loving memory
2002 - 2012
Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.

-Roger Caras