The new year is here, Charlie's K-9 Camp was very blessed in 2010.  It has been busy here at camp! We've met so many new dogs and their owners.   It's always a pleasure to meet the great folks that honor us by allowing their dogs to come stay!  So much is going on we can't wait to see what this year brings!
Gunny is a beautiful Rottweiler that belongs to Randy and Amanda Newsome from Kernersville, NC.  Gunny is a noble soul, displaying the courageous nature of a Rottweiler. 
In the picture to the left, Gunny is walking along side Charlie in a perfect heel.  Once trained a dog performs a "heel" correctly by always staying right at your left leg adjusting their stride to match your pace.  You should never have to try to keep up with your dog. It should match your pace so that walks are enjoyable for you both!
In the pictures above, you can see Gunny receiving the down command from Charlie.  As he lowers his hand Gunny follows it all the way to the ground until he is completely down.  All commands are given verbally as well as with hand signals.
As you can see in the picture to the left, Gunny responds quickly to his commands.  He has such a wonderful nature, learning fast as he went through his lessons each day.  Gunny is such a handsome boy as he trots to Charlie on the "come" command.
Bama is an energetic, six month old German Short-Haired Pointer. He belongs to Daniel and Kelly Bunch of Lewisville, NC. Bama attended training camp from February 15th to March 2nd. Bama stayed true to his breed by showing his independent nature but he learned very well. 
In the picture to the right you can see Bama listening to Charlie's command for down. In addition to verbal commands being taught, Charlie also teaches the hand motion for the commands. 
​In the pictures below you can see Bama successfully complementing the down and stay commands. Bama was patiently waiting the OK command. This is when he would be allowed to play and receive pets and praise for all of his hard work.  
Rosie is an intelligent Australian Labradoodle that belongs to James and Trish Efrid of Clemmons, NC. Rosie began camp on February 27th and completed camp on March 12th While at camp loved playing and socializing with the other dogs. 
Rosie is completing the sit command perfectly in the picture to the left.
Rosie pays close attention to the hand signal to stay from Charlie. Rosie was an excellent camper that loved to learn. She was always eager to perform her commands correctly in hopes that Charlie would reward her with praise and love.  
Monty is a 4 year old Wheaton mix that has the capability to melt your heart. Monty belongs to Lisa Raines of Clemmons, NC. Monty was a camper from February 28th to March 14th. 
In the picture to the left Monty is practicing the verbal sit command. Monty has a very expressive face and you can tell he is focused on listening to Charlie. However, upon successful completion of the command Monty will get a well deserved pet and praise.  
In addition to basic obedience, Monty also learned to load and unload upon his owners request. The series of pictures below show Monty loading then unloading perfectly. As a reinforcing reward Monty was given the okay command which told him that his work was over and it was time to relax.  
Chloe is a six year old German Sheppard that proved an old dog can learn new tricks. This extremely loveable girl belongs to Dean and Cathy Caldwell from Winston-Salem, NC. Chloe attended K-9 camp from March 14th through March 25th. 
The two pictures below show Chloe and Charlie combining three commands. Chloe was first told to sit then stay. After Charlie backed away from her she was then given the down command which she executed flawlessly. 
​You can see Chloe and Charlie relaxing after a her training session in the picture to the right.
Charlie does not use treats to reward the dogs  he trains. Instead he gives every dog plenty of praise and love for all of their hard work.
Bella is a nine month old German Sheppard that attended camp from March 14th through March 28th. This energetic pup belongs to Rick Schott of Clemmons, NC.  
In the picture to the left Bella quickly responds to Charlie as he gives her the sit command. 
After Bella demonstrated she had perfected the sit command Charlie tested her knowledge by combining stay with it. In the two pictures below you can see Charlie walking away from Bella. Every camper knows that Charlie means business when he says stay. Bella is no exception to the rule. She is the picture of perfection as she waits patiently for Charlie to tell her to come. 
This handsome boy's name is Gauge. He is a year old Rottweiler that belongs to Kreg Glenn of Brown Summit, NC. Gauge stayed at K-9 camp from March 15th through March 31st. 
In the picture to the right Gauge demonstrates how to heel properly. Gauge is being worked by Charlie's 12 year old granddaughter Grace. 
After Grace tells Gauge down she tells him to stay. Gauge demonstrates how much he learned at camp by waiting until Grace gives him another command before he moves.
Gauge, who is always at the ready, trots to Grace when she says come. He knows that his work for the day  is almost over and he is about to be rewarded with some play time. 
This is Duke, a extremely handsome German Sheppard. Duke attended K-9 Camp March 27th to April 9th. Duke's owners are Steve and Brenda Atwood from Mocksville, NC.
​In the picture to the left Duke looks exquisite as he heels. Duke is an intelligent dog and training came very easy to him.
In the picture to the right Duke and Charlie are working on the sit command. Duke is a very noble dog