As we enter our second full season of campers, let me begin by saying that we never dreamed how God would bless us and it would become such an important part of our lives.  Each and every family that we have the privilege of working with allows us to grow profesionally and personally.  They truly enrich our lives!
Dita is a mysterious mix of Yorkshire Terrier and possibly German Shepherd Dog who was our first camper this season, camping with us from January 4 through 18, 2010.  This sweet girl belongs to Laura and Terry Skinner who live in Summerfield, NC.  
Dita very quickly learned to heel beside Charlie on leash.  Her next command was sit which she mastered beautifully as you can see to the left.
In the photo to the right, Dita is following the hand signal for come that Charlie is giving her.  

During Dita's training, Charlie saw quickly that Dita was a little strong willed and would try him on occasion.  However, her happy, good natured personality prevailed and she was able to execute her commands flawlessly by the end of her training.  There is no doubt that her favorite part was getting some love from Charlie for a job well done!  
Gemma is a gorgeous tri-colored Rough Coat Collie belonging to Patricia Reggio of Greensboro, NC.  Gemma has the brains to go with the looks and learned very quickly to respond to all of her obedience commands.  Gemma camped with us from January 4 through 18, 2010.
Gemma displays the perfect heel position as she walks beside Charlie in the photo to the left.  To the right, Charlie is giving Gemma the verbal and hand que for down/stay.  Gemma pays close attention, always eager to please.
True to her breed, Gemma's great disposition and sweet spirit never fail to shine through.  In the picture to the left, Gemma is following the come command Charlie is giving her, the star of the show!  
Jake is a Terrier mix who camped with us from January 14 through 28 of this year.  This loving boy owns Frances and Joe Brewster of Winston-Salem, NC.  Jake has a bit of a stubborn streak and like a small child would test to see what he could and could not get away with.  This being a sign of intelligence, it wasn't long before Jake was flawless!
Very soon after his arrival at camp, Jake learned to sit on command as you can see in the photo to the far left.  Just as quickly, he immediately responds to Charlie's down command as demonstrated to the left.
Jake enjoyed his play time with Charlie more than anything.  This is when his attentiveness really pays off.  The okay command lets Jake know that he can take a break from learning and have a little fun.  Jake is great around children and it is easy to see that he loves to play.  Job well done!
Tabitha and Samantha Bullins are the proud owners of Reecie, a beautiful, shy Doberman Pinscher.  Reecie and Tabitha live in Winston-Salem, NC.  Despite Reecie's timidness she learned quickly.  Reecie camped with us from January 18 through February 1, 2010.  
Reecie mastered the heel and sit commands in no time.  As you can see, she sits beautifully in the picture above.  The down command is demonstrated in the photo to the left as Reecie waits  patiently for her next command from Charlie.
After a session packed with perfecting basic obedience commands, Reecie is ready for a little R & R and Charlie knows just the right spot.  Reecie loves attention and simply can't get enough reward scratches from Charlie.

"We never really own a dog as much as he owns us."

Gene Hill
Addie is a beautiful English Setter.  Her proud owners are Jeanna Simmons and Jason Bledsoe of Yadkinville, NC.  We had the privilege of enjoying Addie's company from February 1 through 15, 2010.  Addie has a mind of her own and spent a few extra days with us to ensure she knew all of the obedience commands.  Despite her stubborn streak, once Addie learns something, she does not forget it!
Notice the loose leash in the picture above as Addie heels perfectly. This was the first command Addie learned while at camp.  
In the photo to the right, Addie pays close attention to Charlie as she sits quickly after he issues the command.
Addie following the down/stay command in the picture to the left.  She is waiting for Charlie to give her the come command.  Addie's sweet, loving temperament and curious nature endear her to every one she meets.
Charlie is a 9 month old Golden Retriever who attended camp from February 11 through 28, 2010.  Robert Goss from Kernersville, NC is Charlie's owner.  True to his breed, Charlie is a loving, smart boy even at his young age.  His handsomeness is the icing on the cake.
In the picture to the right, Charlie sits on que and eagerly waits on Charlie to give his next command.  Charlie, like most Goldens, is eager to please and very attentive when there is a task at hand.
Charlie responds to the come command by immediately racing to handler Charlie.  Charlie learned and remembered his commands very well.  He also knows there are pats and praises waiting on the other end of the leash for being a good listener.  The two "Charlie's" make quite a pair!
Patti Fetter is the proud owner of Boone, a Black Lab mix.  Patti and Boone reside in Winston-Salem, NC.  Boone camped with us from February 18 through 27, 2010.  
After Boone learned to heel, her next command was sit, which she demonstrates like a pro in the picture to the left.  
Boone instantly obeys the down command as Charlie gives the hand signal.  Boone was a fast learner.
Boone gets lots of praise after Charlie gives the "okay" command.  Boone wagged her way into our hearts with her wonderful disposition and love for people.  
Cooper is a 10 month old boxer who is just as smart as he is beautiful.  Cooper owns Tammy Wheelock of Clemmons, NC.  He was a camper with us from March 1 through March 15, 2010.  You can't help but fall in love with Cooper the first time you meet him.  
Cooper learned to heel very quickly, or in human terms, walk on Charlie's left side keeping pace with him. The photo above is a good demonstration of heel with Cooper "hamming" it up a little for the camera.
In the picture to the right, Cooper sits on command, very diligently watching Charlie for his next command.  
As with all the other commands, down/stay didn't take long for Cooper to master.  His eagerness to please and happy go lucky attitude made basic obedience training a breeze for him!
Jonas is the 13 month old Golden Retriever belonging to Conway and Pat Shough of Mocksville, NC.  Jonas camped with us from March 15 through 29, 2010.  Just as his picture indicates, Jonas is a happy go lucky, sweet boy who was a pleasure to train.
Jonas camped with us for basic obedience training like our other campers, however, Conway and Pat asked us to address the fact that loading into the car was not Jonas' favorite thing.  
Jonas approaches the car a little slowly at first as Charlie patiently encourages him that all is OK.
Overcoming his fears, by the end of his training session, Jonas was a pro at loading into the car!
Jonas and Charlie are obviously having much more fun playing and rough housing than training.  Jonas' personality and loving nature paired with his willingness to learn and eagerness to please make him a joy to be around. 
Erika and Robbie Jester are the proud owners of Tsali, an 18 month old Weimaraner.  Tsali resides with his owners in Winston-Salem, NC.  We had the pleasure of the regal Tsali camping with us from March 29 through April 12, 2010.  
The first command Tsali mastered was heel.  As you can see in the picture to the left, it wasn't long before he was executing it beautifully even with the distraction of children and bicycles. 
Charlie gives Tsali the verbal and hand signals for the down command, and Tsali immediately obeys as you can see in the photo to the right. Each verbal command has a hand signal that is taught simultaneously.  
Wow!  Look at Tsali swim.  Despite his long legs which make him a little ungraceful in the water, they do not keep him from enjoying an afternoon swim.  This was just one of the many rewards Tsali enjoyed for working hard at obedience school.
Tapper is a 3 year old Border Terrier who is owned by Stuart Stogner of Winston-Salem, NC.  Tapper had some issues to work on when he came to camp March 29 through April 12, 2010.  He was unfriendly and anti-social with other dogs.  Under the tough boy attitude, there was a great personality waiting to be uncovered.
Tapper learned the basic obedience commands quickly beginning with heel.  From there, he moved on to sit and lastly down.  Down was his least favorite of them all and Charlie has the teeth marks to prove it!  Both Charlie and Tapper persevered and upon completion of his training, Tapper was a pro!
Tapper worked diligently at camp on peer relations.  He learned that being a good citizen and loving your neighbor as yourself is not such a bad idea.  In the picture above, his newly learned social behavior is paying off as he is in a lot with Bosco.
Charlie, Tapper, and Tsali enjoy a lovely spring day at the Muddy Creek Greenway together.  Contrary to when Tapper first arrived at camp, there is no intense barking, only smiles all the way around. 
"G" as his owners, Lavonne and Carson Walker affectionately call him, is a sweet Puggle that you can't help but to fall in love with.  Jeter is 2 years old and camped with us from April 12 through 26, 2010.  
Jeter follows Charlie's lead as he heels beautifully in the picture above.  The heel command is the first taught and is essential for enjoying a walk with your furry friend.
The behavior that Jeter needed to modify was the way he barked at cars, bikes and other animals.  Even though this is a prominent trait in beagles because they want to chase things, it can be undesirable in a pet like "G."  Above, Charlie works with Jeter on this modification by repetition and lots of praise as the picture to the right demonstrates.  There is no doubt which one Jeter preferred.
Allie is a gorgeous black lab who belongs to Ed Walsh of Walnut cove, NC.  As you can see in the picture to the right, Allie constantly watches everything going on around her.  Allie camped with us from April 12 through 26, 2010.  
Allie was a star pupil during her camp stay.  Always attentive and focused, she quickly learned the basic obedience commands, heel, sit, down and stay as you can see to the left.
Playtime is just as important to our canine friends as it is to our own well-being.  Allie, Sniper and Jeter enjoy a romp in the creek at Tanglewood Park in Clemmons.  It was hard to tell who was having the most fun!
Take a look at Skipper.  He is a Terrier Mix who camped with us from  May 1 through 15, 2010.  Skipper's owner, Mariela Giulumian resides in Lewisville, NC.  Ms. Giulumian asked us to specifically work on Skipper's unwanted behavior of barking at other dogs right in the face.  
In addition to behavior modification, Skipper also learned all the basic obedience commands.  Notice the leash is on the ground as Skipper demonstrates the down, stay command to the left.
Above, Skipper and Magnus walk with Charlie.  Skipper is being the perfect gentleman, respecting Magnus' space and not barking.
As you can see in the photo to the right, Skipper is rewarded for being a good citizen.  Repetition and lots of praise ensure that good behavior will not soon be forgotten and is imperative in any training program.
Let me introduce you to Magnus.  Just as his name implies, he is big, not only in size, but in personality and heart as well.  Magnus is a Newfoundland who owns Chris Covington of Winston-Salem, NC.  We had the pleasure of training Magnus from May 2 through 16, 2010.  Even though Magnus is a very young dog, he is a joy to be around.
Heeling perfectly in the picture above, Magnus shows off his newly learned skill.
Magnus was a quick learner.  The first command he learned was heel, followed by sit.  After these were mastered, down and stay were taught.  Finally, as shown in the picture to the left, was come, one of the most important commands of all.
At the Muddy Creek Greenway, Charlie and Magnus enjoy a swim on a warm day.  True to his breed, Magnus was a strong swimmer and looked like an otter as he effortlessly moved through the water.  Keep in mind, a very large otter!
Bailey is a 10 month old lab who belongs to Michael and Jennie Karley.  Bailey lives with his family in Winston-Salem, NC.  Even though he is still  a pup, Bailey is a gem, always eager to please and a fast learner.  Bailey camped with us from May 24 through June 7, 2010.
After Bailey learned to heel, he mastered the sit command.  Attentive and laid back, Bailey follows Charlie's command to sit as demonstrated in the picture to the left.
Bailey is in the down/stay position in the picture to the top right.  The stay command is one of the most important skills learned in obedience training.  Ranking right up there with stay is the come command.  In the photo to bottom right, Bailey comes obediently after Charlie has given the command.  Bailey even carries his leash back with him as he comes to Charlie!
Bob Ruffian is the proud owner of Galloway a beautiful golden retriever who camped with us from May 24 through June 6 of this year. Galloway's sweet demeanor and eagerness to learn made obedience school a breeze for him!
Galloway's first command to tackle was heel.  Notice in the picture above the "J" in the leash demonstrating there is not any resistance from Galloway as he walks beside Charlie.
Galloway sits perfectly in the photo above lovingly looking at Charlie, awaiting his next command.
Charlie and Galloway rough house and play after a training session as a reward for working hard.  Positive reinforcement is an important part of the training process and generates success.
Oscar is a sweet terrier mix owned by Mark and Cheryl Gatewood of Mayodan, NC.  Oscar camped from June 7 through 21, 2010.  Oscar's antics while at camp never failed to bring a smile to our faces. 
In the photo above, Oscar is demonstrating the heel position perfectly.  Notice he is keeping pace with Charlie and the "J" in the leash indicating it is loose.  
In the picture above, Oscar is in the down position as Charlie gives him the hand signal for that command.  After the down command is obeyed, Charlie gives him the come command which he immediately responds to.  Oscar was a very quick learner and always wanted to get finished with his lessons so he could get back to his practical jokes!
Let me introduce you to Jazzie.  She is a "Heinz 57" mix who lives with her owner Steve Kempf in Clemmons, NC.  We had the pleasure of training Jazzie from June 7 through June 21.  Jazzie is a smart girl and she was following her commands in no time!
In the picture above, Jazzie is demonstrating her obedience to the sit command.  Jazzie was a little hesitant initailly, but, it didn't take her long to see that the quicker she got her work done, the quicker she would be able to play!
After a training session packed with learning and positive reinforcement, Jazzie and Charlie enjoy some down time with lots of play and belly rubs!
Once she learned to sit, Jazzie learned to sit and stay when Charlie gave her the verbal and hand signals as you can see in the photo above.
This is Jake, a German Shepherd Dog who lives with his owner, Tammy Blevins in Lewisville, NC.  Jake camped with us from June 19 through July 2, 2010.  Jake is an energetic boy who kept us on our toes.
Jake was always attentive not only to Charlie, but to his surroundings as well.  In the photo above, Jake demonstrates the heel command perfectly!
Jake was a very fast learner.  It didn't take long before he was able to sit, down, and stay as Charlie walked away to give the come command.  
Jake and Charlie take a break from training for some pats.  Jake is just as loving as he is smart and never passes up a chance for some love from Charlie.  True to his breed, Jake is loyal and eager to please.  He was a joy to have camp with us.
Buck is a German Short-Hair Pointer and Weimaraner mix who owns Jamie Rowe of Yadkinville, NC.  Buck is a good natured chap who camped with us for basic obedience training from June 21 through July 6.  Just as you would suspect, Buck is a ball of energy.  In spite of his energy level, Buck was a fast learner and was able to retain what Charlie taught him extremely well.
In the photo to the far left, Buck is heeling with Charlie perfectly.  The picture to the right, Charlie and Buck demonstrate the hand signal for down.
Buck's good natured personality and loving spirit shine through as he and Charlie play in the front yard after a training session.  When Charlie gives the "okay" signal, it is time for FUN!