PHOTO GALLERY January-June,2009
I typically show case each dog individually on this page but could not bring myself to separate the Bassets.  They are a pack and belong together.
Karol and Marion Gillison are the proud owners of this trio from Bunn, North Carolina.  Brogan is the Pack Master extraordinaire; he keeps everyone in line! Gina is the ring leader for mischief - always inquisitive and ready to check things out.  Columbo is laid back, always ready to join Brogan and Gina in whatever monkey business they get in to. They camped from January 25 to February 11, 2009.
Columbo (right) keeps a close watch on Brogan and Gina (above) as they play with each other. 
Our granddaughter Grace spent the night.  She and the Bassets had a wonderful time!  The tough part was knowing who to focus on next.
It was not all fun and games - although we had our share of those moments!  When it was time to work they buckled down to get the job done as shown below.
Practice, practice, practice - practice makes perfect!
Brogan runs through the commands like a pro but notice his expressions/body language... he always seemed to be saying, "Now tell me again, why do I have to do this?"  
Brogan, ten years old, demonstrates heel, down and stay; then back to sit.
Columbo listens intently as Charlie tells him  what to do next.

Columbo, at 15 months old is always ready to please!  He is quiet (compared to his sister), very loving and content.  His favorite part of training was the command "okay".  He knew when he heard that word it was time for some affection and a belly rub!
Gina, also 15 months old is sharp and learned the commands quickly.  As demonstrated in the picture on the left, all commands are given both verbally and with hand signals.  Gina sometimes seemed bored with the whole process.  She had rather have her nose to the ground seeing what is around the next corner.
Gina quickly goes through the commands so she can get back to the pack and see what will happen next. 

A special note of thanks to Karol and Marion Gillison for spreading the word about Charlie's K-9 Camp.  It is through their efforts that many of our campers from across North Carolina learned of us.  We have made many life long friends as we worked with all of the canine wonders  that came to camp that mean so much to each of you and now to us.   GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS!
The Bassets loved running and playing with our dog Sniper
Tina and Patrick Mullen enjoy Gauge a 6 year old black toy poodle.  Gauge came to camp March 3 - 17, 2009.  Poodles are known to be one of the smartest dogs.  Gauge was true to his breed.  He learned quickly and had soon mastered all of the commands. 

This is Karma.  She is a six month old
chocolate  colored toy poodle belonging to Chris Joyce of Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  What a sweetheart!!  Karma was a delightful camper; we never knew what antics she would get up to next.  When in a playful mood she would streak from one end of the house to the other without stopping.  We really enjoyed having her camp with us from March 25 - April 8,  2009.
Lexi is the Doberman belonging to Tabitha Bullins of Kernersville, North Carolina.  For a 3 year old she is very laid back, sweet tempered and loving.
We realized immediately that she would be a perfect candidate for a Therapy Dog.  Lexi camped with us from April 13 - 27, 2009.  She loved laying in the creek at Bathabra.

Kiwi is seven year old Shepherd mix who belongs to Erika and Cory Miller of Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  Kiwi camped with us from April 28 through May 12.  She is very laid back and wants to please.  Kiwi learned the commands quickly and was eager to demonstrate.
Brody is the two year old Lab mix who hangs out with Kiwi at the home of Erika and Cory Miller in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  Brody is curious and full of energy.  He is always ready to go.  Like Kiwi he came to camp from April 28 through May 12.
Lily is the eleven month old Lab who belongs to Kelli and Tom West.  Their home is in Greenville, North Carolina.  Lily is the little sister to  Duke and Sadie who came to camp late last year.  They had such fun and learned so much they encouraged Lily to give it a try even though she had to attend by herself.  Attending by herself has one advantage of getting all the attention.  Lily is a sweetheart - it was not hard to lavish attention on her.  She was still a little shy but soon came out of her shell. Lily camped with us from May 10 to May 24, 2009.  
Lucy is a two and one-half year old Min Pin Mix belonging to Monti and Mark Keller of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. She is an absolute sweetheart.  I don't recall ever seeing a dog who is so happy all the time.  You can see the perpetual grin on her face in almost every picture!
Nothing fazes her.  Not even Charlie correcting her when she became distracted - which was often...

Where do I start; what can I say?  This is Grimm... Grimm is a three year old Rat Terrier.  He is precocious, loves the limelight and so full of himself.  He was delightful! As you can see by the expression on his face in the picture to the right, for such a little fellow, he is a "big" ham when it comes to having his picture made.  Grimm lives with Monti and Mark Keller along with Lucy.  They both attended camp from May 18 through June 1, 2009.
This is Roxy -the 17 month old Boxer who belongs to Dan Tubbs of Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  Roxy is full of energy, loves to jump and play and can be mighty stubborn.  She thrived at camp.  She listened intently as Charlie worked with her each day, learned quickly and mastered the commands.  Roxy camped with us from June 15 to July 1, 2009
A showcase of campers who successfully completed training at Charlie's K-9 Camp from January to June, 2009.  We have thoroughly enjoyed working with each and every camper and getting to know their families.  
Missy is a chocolate colored Lab mix adopted by Jeanna Simmons and Jason Bledsloe of Yadkinville, North Carolina.  Not knowing the history of Missy, Jeanna and Jason were not sure why Missy was so timid.  Because she was easily frightened it took time and patience to bring her around.  Charlie worked with her to gain her trust before he began the basic obedience instruction.  It was a joy to see this dog change from being so timid to one that showed joy when you approached her kennel.