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                                         soldier; how God's Grace, the prayers of a mother 
                                         and three loyal German Shepherd dogs helped Charlie 
                                         make his way through the jungles of Vietnam.

Home Sweet Home
Barracks  -  Interlaced Steel provides walkways during the rainy seasons.
July, 1969 - November, 1969
Charlie with Trudy
Dog Kennels
After advanced infantry training, Charlie was sent to Noncommissioned Officer's School.  

Two days later, he approached his commanding officer and volunteered to be a Scout Dog Handler instead.  His journey begins...
Days were filled with rigorous training for Soldiers and dogs alike.
Robert Jeffries/??
Dog in an alert position
Robert Jeffries
Charlie w/Trudy - Walt Hamel w/Smokey
James Hooper, Walt Hamel, Joseph Todd and Mike Hagen w/Gretchen
Lux - Obedience Training
When not out on a mission, handlers and dogs had to train daily at Camp Eagle.
Charlie repairing the roof on the barracks.
Charlie with a Vietnamese mortar tube he and his Dog Danny found while on patrol in April, 1970.

Some of the guys in Charlie's platoon at the kennels with their dogs.
Hamel and Depaula training.
James Hooper with his dog.
Handlers had to train 
their dogs everyday.
Training scout dogs at Camp Eagle was rigorously done regardless of weather conditions.  The bond the handlers formed with their canine partner was a special one.  Each depended on the other to get the job done.
The dogs LOVED 
to go for a swim!
The scout dogs based at Camp Eagle enjoyed swimming during their down time when not in training or on a mission.  
The dogs each had their own personalities. Their antics and unconditional acceptance helped their handlers perservere through a difficult time.  They were considered and treated like the family members they were.

Many dogs served our country valliantly in Vietnam.  They were soldiers in every sense of the word and are credited with saving many lives.  The handlers who worked, slept, and played with these silent heroes know what an asset they were!
Camp Eagle Kennel was home to 38-42 war dogs at all times.
Joe Todd's dog Kurt.
Playtime at Camp Eagle!