Our Dogs Dixie and Molly are super dogs, just a little on the rambunctious side.  They liked to play in the back yard and have fun with us at the park.  The only problem is that they didn't like to stay anywhere, or for that matter go into a down.  A good friend of my wife's told us about Charlie and the K-9 camp.  I have to say that I'm very, very pleased with the way that the dog's were treated, and the way that they came back to us after their stay at the camp.  They were doing things that I never thought that they would be doing, like staying in a down without holding onto their leash, and actually staying.  I was blown away and my wife was as well.  We think that you guy's have a top-notch camp going here and hope that you can help other people's dogs just like you have helped ours for many years to come.  Thanks for everything

Mike & Mary Beth Howell

Dixie, a German Shepherd mix and Molly a Weimaranar are special to  their owners Mike and Mary Beth Howell. Both are full of energy and love to play.  We enjoyed working and playing with them while they were with us December 7 - 21, 2008.  As Mike and Mary Beth mention below their time at camp was worthwhile.
What a delightful and fun filled adventure we had with the Bassets from Bunn.  As a pack they came to camp January 25 - February 11, 2009.  Brogan helped us keep Gina and Columbo in line - maybe I should say Brogan kept all of us in line!! A special thanks to Brogan for sharing his, Gina's and Columbo's progress since they graduated from camp.
Dear Mr. And Mrs. Holder,

My name is Brogan and I’m a tri-color male basset with a dark face.  Back at the end of January, I came with my two younger pack members to visit.  Columbo and Gina seemed to have had a great time and I did too, but they’re only 15 months old so what do they know?  See, I’m 10 years plus, and as a pack master, I have had to know a lot.  We really enjoyed our stay and getting to know Sniper and the people who came to visit us.

Cindy, I hope we helped Charlie and you as much as you helped us.  I remember what I was taught, but I only do my practices when the young ones are outside.  They do all their work around me and I do complement them for getting it right.  People brag on us, and my people told them who you are, just in case you need some other hounds to come help you.  I hope we’ll get to come visit you soon.

Yours truly,
BROGAN, Pack Master of The Bassets from Bunn

Kiwi and Brody enjoyed walking the Muddy Creek Greenway one Sunday afternoon.  Kiwi does not like to get wet... she did wade in a few minutes to get a refreshing drink of water.  We were hard pressed to keep Brody out of the water.  As noted below by Erika Miller who along with husband Cory own these two - they have seen a big improvement particularly in Brody.
Dear Charlie & Cindy,

Thank you so much for taking such good care of my kids, Kiwi & Brody.  I could tell when we picked them up that they had been very happy during their stay with you.

The dogs have been behaving fine.  Brody is definitely listening much better.  You all finally helped him grasp the concept of "No".  I also wanted to let you know that I just took the most pleasant walk with both dogs by myself that I have had in a long time.  Usually, Brody would be out front pulling me and Kiwi along behind.  But today, I walked Brody instead of him walking me!  Of course, Kiwi did fine, she's a natural born pleaser.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know they are doing fine and I really appreciate all you did.  I will definitely recommend you to anyone in need of training.

Please feel free to use any or all of this as a testimonial to your great service.


Erika & Cory

We couldn't believe this was the same dog!  We are convinced there's not a bone of shyness left in Missy's body. She lets people pet her & love on her wherever we take her. She rides in the truck, which she used to be scared of. She has come so far. There is no way that we could be so happy as a family without [help from a special lady in our lives] and the work Charlie put into making her grow into the darling she is today. She has brought so much happiness, love, laughter, and smiles to our home and also to everyone's she meets. Before she went to K-9 camp there was no way we could share our lives together as we do. She loves us and trust us so much, we thank Charlie for laying that foundation. We're sure she would thank him also!! She obeys the hand commands and/or the voice commands she was taught. We have grown with Missy him working with her, showing her it was ok to learn and ok to trust, we have been able to teach her "high-five", "howdy" and to beg. All of which sound simple enough, but for the shy, timid pup she was, that' s a great accomplishment for her. We can honestly say that.... never we envisioned her being the remarkable dog that continues to want to learn, play and love. We appreciate all the patience and work that Charlie helping Missy to be the dog she wanted to be, but was afraid to. Thank you!

Tail wags and happy faces,
Jeanna, Jason, & Missy

Missy before (small inset) and Missy after training at the Memorial Day Parade after  lots of TLC from Jeanna and Jason
Missy is a chocolate lab rescued by Jeanna Simmons and Jason Bledsloe who live in Yadkinville, North Carolina.  When we picked Missy up she was a very timid dog who shied away at the slighest movement.  Missy was crated in the bed of the truck because that was the only way she would ride.
Charlie started working with her slowly to gain her trust showering her with love and affection.  Jeanna and Jason continued the tender
loving care to successfully transform Missy into the happy, loving pet she is today.
(left) Missy loves going for a ride now!
Winston the Sheltie belonging to Sandra Bass and her son Hunter of Clemmons quickly mastered the basic obedience commands.  He also enjoyed the most basic of all commands... the word or command that signaled it is play time.  That magic word is the word "okay". For most of our campers the word okay means they can run, jump (not on anyone) and play without any censure from Charlie.  Charlie expects a lot out of our campers but fully believes they have to have a break from work just like we do.
Below is a note from Sandra and Hunter...
Charlie and Cindy, 

We really appreciated the wonderful care that you all took with Winston 
while at camp and boarding.  We were half-way around the world literally, 
looking at pictures of Winston every day, observing his progress and seeing 
how happy he was.  When we all returned home, my son and I noticed how 
Winston had become so obedient, more patient, and as you remarked several 
times, very willing to please.    Now our evening walks are something to 
look forward to!  I could tell he'd been well cared for and loved as if he 
was your own pet. 

I continue to highly recommend your training services to anyone who has a 
canine companion, young or old. 

Best regards and God bless your work, 
Sandra and Hunter Bass 

Oscar, a 20 month old terrier mix belonging to Mark and Cheryl Gatewood camped with us from June 7 through 21, 2010.  Oscar was a quick learner and joy to be around.  His antics kept Charlie and myself smiling during his stay with us.  Happy go lucky was the name of the game for Oscar and his personality would shine through even when he was working with Charlie on his obedience commands.  
Thanks, Cindy!  The meatloaf recipe looks great.  I'm excited to try it! Oscar is doing great!  We could not believe the difference we saw right away.  Even while still at Matt's on Saturday, Mark was showing Matt how to set up a shade tent in the back yard and he told Oscar to "Stay". And he DID!  He layed in the shade close by and watched them the whole time!  Normally he would have been underfoot and running off with tools, etc.  It was amazing!  And then on the ride home, he tried to climb over the back seat and lick our necks and Mark told him "NO" and he stayed in the back seat the whole way home and even took a nap!  That just hadn't happened before on our rides anywhere!  Since we've been home, he has also done really well.  Mark is particularly impressed that he will stop trying to jump up in your lap when you sit down to rest outside by just telling him NO.  Before, when you sat down, he thought he was supposed to climb in you lap:)  We have taken him for a walk on the choke chain Sat and Sun and he seems to look forward to it and actually sits for you to put it on.  We have given him losts of praise and affection also and it is much easier to do now because he is so much more pleasant to be around ...not the "rascal" that he was so many times before:) It is actually even easier to get in and out the back door now without him jumping up on us or nipping our hands for a treat! 

He had really grown attached to you guys too.  You could tell that he was sad when you drove off Saturday.  He watched you until you went out of site.  We even commented to each other that Oscar might not even want to go home with us!  I believe he thought he had a new home and he liked it! We know he has missed you this weekend. Thank you so much for all your work with him.  We really thought he might be one of you toughest challenges, but we are in awe at the positive changes in his behavior.

We hope you both have a great week and we will keep you posted on how Oscar does.  We know a lot depends on how consistent WE are with reinforcement of what he has learned and will try to do our best!

PS  The Blueberry Bread is delicious!  We are lovin' it! Thanks!

Lacey is a lovable Schnauzer that belongs to Kevin and Aubrey Wendelboe, of Clemmons, NC.  Lacey stole our hearts when she first came to camp at about 4 months old.  She has grown up visiting camp, and completed Basic Obedience Training during the weeks of  August 16 - September 1, 2011.  Lacey is a wonderful dog that loves everyone.  Below are two emails sent from Aubrey after Lacey was trained.

​I have to tell Charlie, he has lived up to his name ("miracle worker")! Last night Kevin left to go outside a couple of different times. Before training, Lacey would always go completely nuts when we came back inside (even if only gone for a second). BOTH times, she did not even jump on him at all! I about passed out on the floor! We both couldn't believe it.  
Also, she has done very little jumping and hardly any nipping (just a few testing moments) today--even with the girls! We are extremely pleased so far with her response to the training. She is still stubborn and a puppy, but has done remarkably well so far! I've enjoyed working with her a bit on the leash, and our oldest was even able to get her to heal for her. She is just a calmer and much more responsive pup. THANK YOU for working with her. We'll continue to keep you posted. 


We're continuing to work with Lacey. She's doing well...had more testing moments, but that was expected. She isn't quite sure what to do with the new baby, but for the most part responds to "no" when she gets too close to him (for my comfort). :)
Our oldest took Lacey on the leash to our neighbor’s house and I watched Lacey heel on the walk over and amazingly sit at the front door while Avery talked with our neighbor (there was a large dog on the other side of the glass door). She wasn't barking or jumping on the neighbor or at the other dog. I was quite surprised.


What can we say? Charlie and Cindy Holder of Charlies K-9 camp, in Clemmons, NC, have their act together. We left our 11 month old German Shepherd, Ruger, with them, after he’d already been with another trainer for 3 wks. What Charlie was able to do with Ruger after being scared to death with another trainer is absolutely amazing. He loved Ruger and Cindy did as well. We know he always has a home away from home if we need it. In two weeks time, Ruger was doing all of the basic obedience with hand signals only and also working off leash part of the time. When you first meet Charlie and Cindy one is immediately assured that their dog will be cared for as if it was their own. We just got that gut feeling. Ruger was so attentive to Charlie and wanted to please him. I can’t say enough nice things about Charlie and Cindy. They sent photos of Ruger in training every couple of days and we could call them at anytime to check on Ruger. It was amazing to us how comforting the pictures were just to see our dog at work. With each progression of pictures, Ruger was improving. If we ever have a question or future problem with Ruger, we’d only call Charlie and Cindy. Charlie’s and Cindy’s dog training business is out of the love for dogs, not for money. His price is less than half what we paid the first time for Rugers training. What a bargain to get the best! We are thrilled with Ruger now that he is at home and he’s taken no time at all to adjust back to being at home with us and our rescue, Raven. Raven isn’t too happy with Ruger being home because he steals her toys, ball, anything! Now that he understands the basic commands and does them, we think we will be able to work with Ruger now to teach him some of the things he does with Raven, is not okay. Charlie and Cindy are organized, very knowledgable, and a first class training facility. We don’t need fancy or any of that. We just needed to know the camp was clean, and our dog was not being ignored sitting in a kennel for hours on end. He was being loved on, and was able to feel comfortable with Charlies K-9. To Cindy and Charlie, our sincerest thanks for helping to make Ruger the dog we want him to be. What you were able to accomplish with him is still unbelievable. Our sincerest thank-you for everything you’ve both done to make this such a successful and positive experience for Ruger and us. He was already an awesome dog, but now is really an awesome dog. We would be happy to speak with anyone looking for a reference.

With much gratitude and trust,
Candace Lawson
Rick Widener, Jr.

Ruger is an 11 month old German Shepherd who is owned and loved by Candace Lawson and Rick Widener.  Ruger camped with us December 3 - 17, 2011.  Ruger, Candace and Rick spend their time together at their home in Davie County, North Carolina where Ruger has lots of room to romp and play. Below is a testimonial Candace and Rick were kind enough to share with us following Ruger's basic obedience training.
Shooter is a German Shepherd mix who camped with us from February 19 to March 5, 2012. Shooter is the cherished pup of Angela and Billy Reece of Clemmons, North Carolina.  Angela and Billy are now able to enjoy spending time with Shooter. Below is a copy of an email Angela has given me permission to copy and paste to our testimonial page.
Charlie and Cindy,
  I just wanted to drop a quick note to provide a follow-up on Shooter. I try to walk him every day for about a mile or two and work on his commands. It is very nice to not have to fight with him when walking. Don't get me wrong - the occasional squirrel or cat can raise the hair on his back - but with a few strong NO's he continues to improve. (He's never been a fan of cats or squirrels) Ha Ha

  We were playing in the yard the other day with his ball and stick. NO LEASH!! It is refreshing to go to the door, give the COME signal and he comes right in. No chasing him or trying to catch him to get him on the leash to come in. He also did not chase the cyclists when he was off the leash and they went down the road. We said NO! and DOWN and STAY and he sat and watched them ride by. 

  I can't thank you enough for training him. I have told everyone how good he is doing and have recommended you for their dogs. Hopefully I can send you some customers. I just wanted to say hello and let you know that he is doing very well and we are very pleased with his progress. If we are in the area, we might drop by. Otherwise I hope you are doing well and again I wanted to simply says THANKS. Have a good weekend.

  Angela Reece

This is Blocker the yellow lab owned by Jason Michael And Wendy Carroll. Blocker spent two weeks at camp from October 26 to November 9, 2008. His mom and dad were out of town for a few days so he spent a couple extra days with us just hanging out. As Wendy notes Below Blocker is a real sweetheart; we loved having him camp with us.

The average dog is a nicer person than the average person.

 -Andy Rooney
  My dog Blocker is a real sweetheart. I wanted to be with him more, but with our four kids it was hard to find the time to train him. Let's face it, he was a HUGE puppy. He was jumping and didn't listen well enough to be able to be in the house and part of the family like I wanted. I heard through a good friend that she was sending her fur babies there, and I looked into it.  
  It was wonderful. Blocker is still a puppy and gets excited easily, but when I tell him to sit or  stay, down or off, he knows what I am asking him to do. A lot of his and my frustration is fixed by what he learned at camp. He also walks on a leash quite nicely. I take him to parks with other kids, and dogs, and sometimes ducks. He is continually getting better and better. He even gets to stay in the living room during movie time.
  Charlie and Cindy were very nice, and they sent me photos of my puppy during the weeks he was there. You can tell they love animals, and they loved my dog as their own.  
​  Now, if he could just get through the chewing stage, we will be golden!  

  Wendy Carroll